How to make HTML5 work in Internet Explorer: IE6, IE7, IE8

March 28th, 2011 admin

Having played with the html5 elements I came across a problem - they will be ignored by older IE browsers. So you won't be able to style html5 page that contains lines of code like this:

<header>This is header</header>

IEs will display the text as if it would be outside the "header" tag. The solution I've found is to fix it using javascript:

<!--[if lt IE 9]>

  <script type="text/javascript">

How to apply the fix to the other html5 elements you can find right here

But how to fix that if the user have javascript disabled? - This is the question.

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Coding web forms html

March 21st, 2008 admin

Coding client html of web-forms is not the easiest and not the most interesting part of developing a web-application. There are loads of ways of doing that. But the question is - which one is the right one? The html code should be semantyc, accessible and obvious for other developers. So I tried googling and found this article that seemed very interesting to me. How that could've been more obvious that fieldsets and labels should be used for developing web-forms? And by using CSS we could make the form look in many different ways!

Have a look at the following example:

<fieldset class="form-fieldset">
    <label class="textbox surname">
<input name="surname" id="surname" type="text" />

Now with a help of CSS we could access any element of this form. Very flexible. We could use as many fieldsets as we could wish. We could even have fieldsets inside fieldsets.

Alright. Later I started thinking how I could use that for simplify the way of creating web forms. So I created a class FieldSet

    public class FieldSet : HtmlGenericControl
        public FieldSet()
            : base("fieldset")
        { }
        public FieldSet(string strLegend)
            : this()
            HtmlGenericControl legend = new HtmlGenericControl("legend");
            legend.InnerText = strLegend;
        // as an example I have created this simple method which allows add a new input text to the fieldset
        public HtmlInputText AddInputText(string strLabel, string strCSSClass)
            HtmlInputText txt = new HtmlInputText();
            AddControl(strLabel, txt, strCSSClass);
            return txt;
        public HtmlInputText AddInputText(string strLabel)
            return AddInputText(strLabel, null);
        // this method is used for adding any web contol to the fieldset
        public void AddControl(string strLabel, Control cntrl, string strCSSClass)
            HtmlGenericControl label = new HtmlGenericControl("label");
            label.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("<span>" + strLabel + "</span>"));
            if (strCSSClass != null)
                label.Attributes["class"] = strCSSClass;
            cntrl.ID = ID + "_cntrl_" + Controls.Count.ToString();
            label.Attributes["for"] = cntrl.ClientID;
        public void AddControl(string strLabel, Control cntrl)
            AddControl(strLabel, cntrl, null);

So now while developing another web-form I just could write the code:

FieldSet fs = new FieldSet("Editing surname");
HtmlInputText txtSurname = fs.AddInputText("Surname:", "surname");

See? Just three lines of code.

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